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About Wensui


People oriented , employee and company win-win

Wensui adhere to the people-centered concept of human culture.

The Wensui employees pay the efforts to learn outstanding skills and gradually become the mainstay of the company; thus, they can be proud of working in the Wensui.

Wensui emphasizes internal staff and train quality employees, which is the important resource of enterprises. Wensui improves because of employees' team work.

Excellent quality of talent will also attract high-quality customer resources.
Good corporate culture collection must be excellent, stable talents, become invincible core protection.

Top Ten awards.

Wensui technology creates brilliance in every field



Wensui's vision: For customers to create greater productivity, and to build auxiliary world-class production base in China.

Wensui will aim for the global market, gradually becoming a well-known company. Wensui's industrial park has been in operation with CNC machining center and imported advanced punching machine and various equipment will be invested. 

The rapid changes will provide motivation for better production.

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